Thoughts on Shanghai? – Outlaws Press Conference S2W3 (Philadelphia) – Philadelphia Video

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  1. U guys r my fav team keep up the good work

  2. Get that win boys! Rooting for y’all! #anteup!

  3. I wanna know what boink is doing in the back

  4. look at boink beasting on that aim drill in the back

  5. Muma: "Whatever comes out of my face … there's no rhyme or reason"

    Honey, we been knew.

  6. Who else ready for another loss

  7. You guys need to play more around muma if you want to start winning games, Arhan often finds himself to far away to provide any real support and due to that muma isn't given the space he needs to make his plays. Outlaws, if you want to start taking games of mid tier competition you need to be able to support your main tank. Keep up the good work Boink, you've looked quite formidable, however you could be dealing more damage imo. For Rawkus, please don't miss your ana shots (so stick on zen plz). As for Danteh, try and position yourself and call better for focus fire, cause your damage is important and most fights end up being lost cause many people's damage is spread out. Muma, if they don't give you the support that you need in order to make plays, try and play more passive overall and prop up Rawkus and Arhan. Arhan, plz fix your positioning and shotcall more for stuns. Finally, as for Coolmatt, look to get more value with your defense matrix. Keep up the grind Outlaws and maybe you'll hitch a ride to playoffs this season of the OWL!

  8. Rawkus is making love to that camera with his eyes man.

  9. I wonder if they use jakes real name or his tag

  10. These answers do not inspire confidence.

  11. Boink is going ham in the backround

  12. 0:38 You don't know?! 'Cuz Koreans…that's why. Hana dul set Hwaiting! 화이팅 It means, fighting. Good luck. It's basically a cheer

  13. Rawkus has a point about meta comps being the most suitable but this particular comp is not suitable for them imo. They seem comfortable going off meta. Hopefully the meta changes soon because outlaws and valiant dont deserve to be so low in the ranks 💚💚💚

  14. Someone pleeeease explain why they have Danteh on soldier and not linkzr😣😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Trash…absolute garbage….


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