Houston Outlaws vs Philadelphia Fusion ft LiNkzr Jake | Overwatch League Highlights OWL Week 1 Day 2 – Philadelphia Video

This Overwatch gameplay highlights the Houston Outlaws versus the Philadelphia Fusion from the Overwatch League Season 1 Stage 1. This match is a top-heavy DPS match featuring crowd favorite players like LiNkzr, Mendokusaii, Carpe, and top Genji ShaDowBurn.

The Houston Outlaws have numerous stars that have signed from various teams, whereas the Fusion roster has originated mostly from FaZe Clan.

The Overwatch League features the best players in the world, including Dallas Fuel’s Taimou, EFFECT, Seagull, Seoul Dynasty’s Ryujehong, Miro, London Spitfire’s Birdring, Rascal, Profit, among others.

You can catch the official stream here:

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  1. The Fact that a Team that Had no pre Season, literally No Time to scrimm was able to Beat a Team that many considered guaranteed 5th, with 2 dominate wins (King of the Hill Maps) is scary

  2. I'm actually surprised how well both Shadowburn and Carpe played at their roles.

  3. this is how we do it in Philly, the team that knew de wey

  4. At this point, they should just rename Genji to Shadowburn and Dragonblade to Shadowblade.
    And I cringed so hard when those 2 "analysts" said Houston will take this series 3-1. Like look at this team, it's basically an upgraded version of Faze.

  5. Is this the team that will steal huston outlaws 5th spot?

  6. 휴스턴은 시발 이기질못하노ㅠㅜ

  7. Everyone been sleeping on carpe man I’m telling you and poko is nasty af, one thing I will say tho is I was wrong about shadowburn I thought he was old news, washed up, s1 genji, he proved me wrong if he keeps playing like that I will completely admit I was wrong. They all played sick

  8. Overwatch league should have followed the football league and allow draw results instead of making a fifth game to decide the winner. Do that in the playoffs later.


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