WEEK 6 TEAM REVEAL – Philadelphia Feraligatrs VS Chicago Bouffalants – Philadelphia Video

Week 5 of the UCL’s Season 3 Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Wifi Battles is LIVE! Your Philadelphia Feraligatrs face TheKingNappy and the Tucson Terrakions

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  1. We’re in for a Rough one this week My bois

  2. Sacred’s been playing really well for a Draft league rookie

  3. Gl Pk I built a team vs Sacred consisting of

    I have a choice Bandded Jolly Registeel 4 min speed gligar and enough defense two not get 2koed by mega lati while a 2ko it
    Life orb Rotom 4 manaphy,gligar and celestella guaranteed 2ko on celestella and can’t get oko’ed in return oko’s manaphy after rocks oko’s gligar without rocks
    Life orb gravity lando ohko’s celestella with EQ
    Weakness Policy Dragonite late game sweep
    Chople Berry Toxic,Protect,Zen headbutt Scrafty beats meinshao after a hjk on protect
    & Electric terrain Mega Manetric powers up Manetric and Rotom so rocks won’t be necessary 4 Rotom 4 the things Rotom counters

  4. Nexus Mo and Sacred are the three toughest coaches to beat this season in the UCL I’m hoping PK can pull out a Dub

  5. After seeing nicks draft, I fear for Pk especially after that team prediction

  6. But at same time PK needs this win to qualify for Playoffs imo

  7. PK MAKE THIS RUN TO THE PLAYOFFS (plz excuse my language) LET THESE NIGGAS KNOW THT YOU STILL DATHOTNESS I LOVE DARK HORSES OF CERTAIN LEAGUES RUNNING A MUK (Get it?) But Forreal tho I want you to make it to the playoffs cuz you are a scary person to face against even with the memes.
    Lets Get The Dub #RiseUpGatrs #FalconNation

  8. i think nicks gonna bring a mismagius for his 6th mon because it can learn a lot of different type moves like power gem for dragonite, shadow ball for strong stab move and hp ice for buni or even destiny bond in case of emergency so be careful about that ghost pk oh and the flower pokemon is comfey

  9. pksparks will you play jackbox games in drawful2 live?


  11. LET'S MAKE STUFF HAPPEN PK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. When are you going to play Super Mario Ace's again PK???????????????????

  13. How has it been 6 weeks already?!

  14. Calling arcenine as nich's 6th

  15. I want that protect srat to work. LET'S GO GATRS #NYOMB

  16. #NYOMB #FightGatrsFight on the road to victoryyyy. You got this PK?????

  17. YOU GOT THIS PK YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I really like the build here. Good luck my dude!

  19. I'm tired of the slander! It's only 6 people how many times we gotta say this :/


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